• Toxic Algae: 2014 State Research

    How do states monitor and report on toxic algae? Find out in our 2014 Harmful Algal Bloom State Survey.

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    Download our infographic to learn more about where
    toxic algae comes from and what you can do about it.

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  • Toxic Algae: 2013 Report

    Learn more about discrepancies in monitoring and reporting in our 2013 report and our methodology for tracking toxic algae reports.

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Toxic Algae News was created by Resource Media as a resource for journalists and bloggers covering harmful algal blooms, toxic algae, and nitrogen and phosphorous pollution.

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Latest News

EPA Issues Recommendation on Microcystin in Tap Water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today issued a nationwide health advisory that local water-treatment plants can use for deciding how Read More

OH Gov. Signs Law to Prevent Lake Erie Toxic Algae; More Steps Needed

Ohio took a major step April 2 toward addressing the toxic algal blooms that briefly poisoned the drinking water supplies Read More

An Agreement Has Been Reached in Efforts to Get Lake Erie Clean

Senator Randy Gardner announced [Mar. 24] that an agreement had been reached on Senate Bill 1, moving forward efforts to Read More

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